Friday, July 20, 2007


Harry who...?

My eleven-year-old niece is freaking out. I fear she may spontaneously combust. I, however, remain sanguine. I wonder if tomorrow is one day that small independent bookshops will clean up because they can put the new Harry Potter book into the hands of customers the very second they hear the chimes at midnight, versus those customers having to order on Amazon and impatiently wait to ambush their mail carriers on Monday. I notice that Amazon is selling the Braille edition. Neat, but I'm still not tempted. Someday. Instead of Rowling, this week I've been selling Kafka, Wallace Stegner, Stephen King, Edith Wharton, Barbara Kingsolver, Gary Snyder, Chaucer, Mishima, and - hey! - I see that I did sell a hardcover secondhand Harry Potter a few days ago (book one in as new condition, twelve bucks). So, a little Rowling, too, contributing to my own tiny till. A silent toast to harried booksellers all over the world, working the late shift tonight...


Good word.

Thanks for the thought Sarah.
Looks like you had a great crowd, Jonathan - hope you sold out! Or not - it could have gotten ugly if you had to turn people away, I suppose...
So has the neice read it yet?
Have you read it yet?
I haven't read any Harry Potter. Ever. Shocking, I know.

My niece is in the middle of it - I talked to my sister last night. They were having a sleepover with my niece's best friend, and they each had their copy out and were sitting and reading together. She wants to savor it, and she doesn't want it to end, so she's taking her time.
I had never read Harry Potter either; but having read so many good reviews of the series in general, especially the emphasis on realizing who a person's family really is, made me want to read them. Luckily my 21 yr. old son has all the books, and, having started them, I cannot put them down. Note, however, that I haven't seen any of the movies....and am not sure I want to see them.
I've seen two of the movies - interesting but the violence involving children was kinda shocking. And frankly all the fancy computer animation doesn't really do it for me, in movies in general, not just the HP movies. Call me old-fashioned.

I've had many many people whose reading taste I trust implicitly tell me to *read these books* so someday, perhaps...
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