Wednesday, July 25, 2007


New paintings and new news

I had a great stretch of painting time three weeks ago, before all hell broke loose. Six new paintings in about ten days. Here are two of the newest ones. The first is Ryan standing under one of the elm trees on the island we stayed on in June:

The second is one of the mown paths crossing the pasture on the same island, with some of the wildflowers. I'm always trying to capture tall waving grasses in fields, and I've decided it's impossible, truly. Not to mention leaves on trees. The paintings always feel somewhat stunted, when one contemplates the living, moving scene itself. Ah well.

These pictures are here because I'm putting together a proposal for an exhibit, so I photographed work this morning before opening the shop. In a classic Sarah-Brain-Freeze move, when I bought this laptop computer two years ago I thought that my ancient clunky digital camera wouldn't work with the new laptop (because the software wouldn't cooperate at all). Come to find that the printer I bought later actually has a little card-reader that will bypass the obsolete camera software and put the image directly into its own software. I figured this out yesterday, after - umm - reading the manual. So, though the picture quality isn't great on these (as I said, old camera, and some glare because I use a lot of oily medium as I'm painting), they give an idea, at least.

But that was a few weeks ago. No more painting, for a while, because since then we've finally found a house we both love and can afford. It's old. It's mostly renovated. It's a freaking miracle. And it's a mile from salt water. This week has been a mass of paperwork and phone calls and emails and deep trepidation and outright glee. We are set to close on the house in late August. This means, of course, that I will have to move my books. The thought has been keeping me awake most nights. I can't tell you.

Great good news on the house- congratulations to you and Ryan.

Thanks, Dan - we're off later this afternoon to the new place, with realtors and house inspectors in our wake... hoping to find out everything there is to know about the house by this evening. Exciting! Let's hope for no surprises!
I know yiou said you painted, but these paintings are absolutely gorgeous, Sarah.
No bad news last night with our house inspector. And I saw the inside of a septic tank for the first time. Most interesting. Hurrah for healthy bacteria.

Thanks, historia - I've been painting on and off since college (I was an art major) almost twenty years ago now, but the last two years in particular have been really flowing and productive. Paintings are coming easily right now, for the most part. God knows this has not always been the case.
Rare is the case that one finds a quality home that meets nearly all the criteria that one was looking for. Congratulations, Sarah!

And I'll second the kudos on the paintings. I'm particularly fond of the "mown piece" second piece. Well done!
And as far as the "moving the books" quandary, I sympathize completely, as I, too, will, by the end of October, have to find a way to truck nearly 2000 volumes from my old shoddy digs to my new apartment. Not something I'm looking forward to.
Hey there, Phil - thanks! Yes, I think I'll take a lot of pictures of the before-and-after process of moving several thousand books. Should be good blog-fodder in a few weeks, if I have time to blog, that is. I actually am really looking forward to packing and unpacking the books, and setting everything up in the new place (I love arranging books, and handling them will give me a chance to revisit old friends), it's just the moving part that fills me with dread. I am contemplating hiring movers. We'll see if we have enough money (i.e. *any* money) laying around unspoken for after the closing. We've moved all of our books before, and also did hire movers one time. Did I mention that our current apartment is on a third floor...? My knees, my knees! Aiiieeee! Good luck with your own move - let me know how it goes!
Assuming you are moving to another house in the same general location (Bangor Maine) the shop will be staying put, right?
Hi historia - I'll be keeping the shop where it is for the time being. At least through this winter and into spring. Then, who knows - I might look for a new place. For now, moving house is enough.
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