Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Oh yeah, I love books... I forgot for a moment

I've been too busy to read - my nephew's first birthday party, my sister's birthday party, my sister and her daughter (my niece) coming to stay for a few days, going to the coast for part of the weekend, beachcombing, it all adds up to high summer good living! But not much quiet time - no reading, a few good days at the bookshop with a steady stream of customers, some buying and some just looking, time to paint last week but not this week, yet, still looking around for a house we love and can afford (where oh where is it) - and now the houseguests have headed back home and the shop is quiet this morning and I've balanced the checkbooks and watered the plants and am experiencing a moment of stasis and equilibrium. It's good. The pile of books on the desk in front of me is even starting to look interesting again. Could I really put up my feet and read the day away? Well, I'm the boss.

A little girl and her mom were in the shop one day a few years ago, and the girl was fascinated by the fact that this was my shop and I was the only one that worked here. The last in a series of questions she asked me was "Can you get fired?" I said, "No, but I can quit!" I'm not ready to quit yet, but I might take a few hours off today and remind myself how much I love books.

I also have had a tough time these last few weeks to find time to read. With a newborn son and tons of work to do at the shop (just relocated a storage room of 5000 books) I've not read a single page this month. I also own and run a little used bookshop, we're up in Montreal.
ps. we're looking for a few writers to join us - www.bookshopblog.com
Hi there Bruce - thanks for stopping by, I took a look at your site, very nice! I read a book from cover to cover last night. I'm back... I've always heard Montreal is a great book-town, I hope to visit sometime in person and find out.
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