Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Room with a view

Two pictures from my island trip last week. I finished reading Sarah Orne Jewett's Deephaven, and the Maine island I just visited could easily have been the setting of her book (or, rather, just offshore from the setting). From p.245, her observation about the place:

"...(Deephaven) quietly accepts its altered circumstances, as if it has seen better days, and has no harsh feelings toward the places which have drawn away its business, but it lives on, making its old houses and boats and clothes last as long as possible."

And presumably its outhouses; here are two views of the best little privy in the world, the first picture facing west and the second facing north:

Talk about a room with a view! Surrounded by water on three sides, views of islands and the mainland, with a few spruce trees, rugosa roses and wild strawberries growing all around, and on the other side of the knoll, between the outhouse and the house itself, a wide purple carpet of chives in blossom (bolted and spread from an old garden bed). What else does one need in life, I ask you. Fancy bathrooms, BAH. Though t'would be chilly in the winter (and I know of what I speak, I grew up in a little farmhouse down east, with no indoor plumbing - long story, for another day).

Oh, wow! It's gorgeous. Lucky you!
Hi Katrina - I visited this place last year for an afternoon, and I rented the cabin there so I could come back and stay longer (it's cheap, because of the no-plumbing and no-electricity situation, no doubt). I made my own luck, in other words.
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