Thursday, August 16, 2007


Books of great value

Moving books causes one to reflect on their value, in all senses of the word. I only have one book I've kept as an investment, monetarily speaking, and the rest are valued because they are loved. This is on my mind today because Ryan and I packed up the first of the books last night. We took our sturdiest boxes and took a good long look through the book room to pick out those items that we consider irreplaceable. Of great value, for whatever reason. Those things that, if the moving van burst into flames en route to our new home (god forbid!), I would truly mourn and deeply regret and never be able to duplicate. Surprisingly, it didn't amount to much. I took a handful of scarce first editions in fine condition, two cartons of leatherbound books I don't trust anyone else to carry around (except Ryan), a few cartons of signed books and books with with letters from the authors tucked in, my journals, some family books (such as my mother's copy of Heidi), and a handful of books I've only ever seen once in my bookish career, so I know exactly how scarce they really are. Ryan did the same with his books - rare and scarce, signed, one-of-a-kind items, his journals. I think we ended up with around twelve cartons, so at approximately twenty-five books a carton, not bad at all. Less than one car-load.

These we will carry ourselves, because we've planned the move in two stages. The first: the rare books, dishes and other breakables, clothing, the spare futon to sleep on, art, kitchen things, and the house plants, all to be moved by us, in our intrepid little Saturn. We have nearly a week to get this done, as well as clean up places old and new and take care of various other projects, so all in all, that should be fine. The second stage encompasses everything else, for the movers and their big truck in ten days' time - all the furniture and the other, ummm, hundred and twenty cartons of books. Don't worry, after we give nearly all our money to the nice lady at the bank anything left over will be used to tip these fine gentlemen.

After tomorrow I'm closing the shop for about a week, and hence will be silent here - enjoy the rest of summer, everyone. If you haven't yet taken a vacation, there's still time! Get out there - there's life - flowers, greenery! I promise I'll return with some good photos and a compelling report about the reassemblage of the book room at our new place. Until then, au revoir and bonne chance.

This post made me smile. I did exactly the same thing - pack up all my precious books that I didn't trust the movers with - when I moved earlier this year to drive them over myself in the car.
The movers are local guys with a great reputation, but if anything happens to these books I want it to be my fault so I've got no one else to blame! Sometimes it's hard, isn't it, that book-love thing. Mercy.
I hope you and Ryan are settled in your house and that you love it.


Thanks, Dan - not settled yet, but getting there. We do love it... we've gone from living in 600 square feet to living in 1600 square feet. There are rooms we haven't even been in much, yet. The spaciousness is what I love most - high ceilings and wide hallways. Lots of room for art on the walls. And bookcases.
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