Friday, October 19, 2007


Will Curt Schilling come through?

The blog's been silent for a few days because there's really nothing much going on, though why that should stop me from dithering on in my usual manner, I'm sure I don't know. Anyway, this is the first week so far this year that has really reminded me that winter's coming - not the weather, because it's been mild, but rather the lack of paying customers. Seems like most people who come in are trying to sell me books. They don't want to buy any books. Well, neither do I. I'm more interested in buying storm windows, if the nice man at the storm window shop will just return my calls and tell me how much money to send him. What else. I've done two very good paintings over the last two days. I've read two more Mary Wesley novels since the last time I mentioned her, and I'm well into a third. And the Islander newspaper had a few good photos of us at the Mount Desert Island marathon last weekend - the first is Ryan crossing the finish line, with his time on the clock right behind him (woooo hooo!), and the second is me volunteering in the chute, helping to take timing chips off the shoelaces of finishers:

It was chilly weather so my hands were stiff, and those chips were well-affixed (don't want them to come loose mid-marathon, after all), but it was great to be around the happy people who were finished and could sit down for the first time in over twenty-six miles and many hours. They were uniformly euphoric. Fun, and I got a free volunteer t-shirt. By the way, you can't quite tell from this photo, but I do have my Red Sox hat on. They return to Fenway Park tomorrow night. Don't want to speculate about the game, for fear of jinxing anything good that might possibly happen. Everyone else in New England will say the same thing. Shhhh.

Way to go, Ryan!

I'm still mourning for the good ol' Phillies!
Looks like the Red Sox did it again!! Onward and upward. Looks like fun at the races for you and Ryan (in different ways).
Go Sox! I've been wearing my Sox t-shirt on and off for two weeks. With my lucky red converse sneakers. Trying to be low-key about it, though. Superstitious bunch, we New Englanders.

Poor Phillies. You have my sympathy. Really you do.

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