Friday, November 02, 2007


A bookish weekend ahead

For local folks, don't forget The Maine Literary Festival, which starts tonight in Camden, Maine and continues all weekend. Geoffrey Wolff (author of Black Sun, that great book about Harry Crosby, and The Duke of Deception, etc) is the keynote speaker, and many other authors will be both speaking and signing their books, including Stephen King's two recently-published sons, Owen King and Joe Hill. Matthew Pearl's going to be there, too (The Dante Club). The price tag of the weekend seems a bit high to me, although proceeds are going to a very good cause, the American Association of University Women's scholarship fund. So I hope the turnout is high...


I started the weekend off right for which I just had to share. I landed a 1899 first edition of The Queen Twins and Other Stories in mint condition on ebay for $10.49!! (cover design by Sarah Whitman, of course)

Enjoy The Maine Literary Festival.

My best from beautiful Colorado,

I'll chime in that Colorado is beautiful. My wife has a conference here in Denver and I tagged along for the ride. Tonight we go to spend a couple days with my brother and his family. This was my first trip to Denver and I was blown away by the mountains. We took a drive up to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park.

We've kept our Boston area residence somewhat quiet, figuring emotions might still be riding high after the World Series, but everyone has been gracious.

I've visited the Tattered Cover bookstore and love it.

Enjoy the weekend.


You picked a great time to visit. Although I'm sure the aspen leaves have fallen in the high country, the days on the plains are cool and refreshing. The light here is unlike out east, full of blue crystalline sharpness. Combine that with the ragged purple mountains dusted in white and it's easy to see how a boy from Wisconsin never went back.


Nice buy, Steven - and your description of Colorado made me want to visit... I've never been, myself, though of course The Tattered Cover is high on my list of bookshops to visit someday.

Thanks for checking in, Dan - good to hear about your trip. Hope you found some decent books to bring back to New England (we don't have enough here already, do we).
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