Thursday, November 29, 2007


Happy anniversary

Holy mackerel, this blog's turning two years old tomorrow... seems like longer, doesn't it? How much is that in blog-years, anyway? Must be twenty, at least. As we continue, I welcome suggestions and questions - if anyone would like more discussion of this or less talk about that, let me know and I'll do my best to follow up. I can never quite tell if I'm being way too personal here, or not personal enough. I do try to keep to the topic at hand (books) as a general rule. Though all the other things in life do seem to sneak in on a regular basis. As the blog continues on, please accept my apologies if I repeat myself from time to time - some days I can't remember if I already blogged about something (books), or if I only meant to blog about something (books). To friends new and old, thanks for sticking around, and thanks so much for reading. This blog. And books, too. We do love them so.

News brief from the shop: it's almost December, so I've finally gotten around to putting out some actual Christmas-theme books (vs. just handsome gifty-type books). A few years ago I came into possession of a big stack of Edward Gorey's book The Haunted Tea-Cosy: A Dispirited and Distasteful Diversion for Christmas. Every year I sell a few more copies, and every year I get a chuckle when I remember that in this particular tale his hapless hero's name is Edmund Gravel, the Recluse of Lower Spigot. Heh (See, right there, a chuckle!). But even as I write this, I can't remember if I already mentioned on this blog how much I liked that name. Last Christmas, perhaps? Apologies, as I said...

Hi, Sarah: Congratulations on two years of blogging. I still enjoy reading it. I hope to get into your shop before next summer. Tom B., Atlanta.
Hey Tom! Exactly WHEN are you moving to Maine? No more excuses, now.

See you on your next trip up north, I hope...
Happy Anniversary, Sarah!

Reading your blog is my favorite lunch break treat.
Thanks to YOU, Sarah, for two
good years of sharing with us.
Like the blog just the way it is--
no 'upgrades' or 'improvements,'

Thanks Vicky, and Marci - sure do appreciate your comments and participation...
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