Tuesday, January 22, 2008


What to say when there's nothing to say

For several reasons, I seem to be having a day sent straight from hell. However, I'd be shooting myself in the foot in a monumental way if I got into particulars, so this will be a short blog post about not much. I did write it all down in my journal, so someone might read about it after I'm dead and gone. Then this day will seem like tiny blip in a wide river of life experiences. No big deal, right? Hm.

I do have some forward progress to report: I read another hundred pages of Montaigne over the weekend. And I loved it. I even laughed out loud once, at one of his blips. His writing makes me want to throw everything else out the window and spend the next few years reading the authors of antiquity. Pliny! Xenophon! Seneca! I need a few more lives, so I can really read everything I want to read. All of it. One or two of me could just sit and read all day, every day. I suppose I'd have to get up and stretch once in a while. Perhaps eat.

Speaking of which, I'm going to go now, and remove the roof of my mouth with the scalding hot chicken soup from the eatery across the street (so good I can't possibly wait until it cools off). It has potatoes and peas and chunks of turnip and carrot and it's delicious and very very comforting. Much needed.

Hey, me too today, Sarah. Many great minds suffer in synch

manana will be better

Marci, it's tomorrow. And things are looking up, more or less. In other words, nothing's changed, except my attitude.

Hope you're doing better yourself. Thanks -
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