Friday, February 01, 2008


Our new friend Hodge

Not a bookshop cat, but a cat to keep company with in the book room at home. This is our new friend Hodge - after finding out yesterday that despite the turmoil Ryan will indeed remain gainfully employed (my god, someone has to be), we celebrated by visiting the local humane society animal shelter. We'd gone there a few times before, but didn't want to raise a kitten, and hadn't yet seen any cat that the name Hodge seemed to belong to, until we saw this intelligent handsome fellow. We bring him home tomorrow:

Of course we wanted to take all the cats home - if you have a heart to break, it will surely break several times over at an animal shelter - but at least we can give this one a good home. He's two years old, beautiful whiskers, and tawny gold and silver mackerel markings. I hope he likes books. And oysters...?

Ooh, how cute. Pudding sends nose-licks to Hodge.
Hodge spent much of the weekend under a bedspread, and, alternately, hiding in the shoe racks in our bedroom closet (he opened the closet door by himself). He finally emerged last night and tolerated some affection. He's a dear. Looks like Pudding is too...
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