Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Spring break

I'm taking a break from both the blog and the shop for the next week - doing some spring cleaning of the physical and mental kinds to get rid of the cobwebs of winter for good. Before I head out, the news from here in a nutshell: I'm carrying The Divine Comedy around with me in my bookbag, but haven't started to read it yet; I'm also carrying around Yemen by Tim Mackintosh-Smith, and I have started to read it and it is simply terrific so far; word from the accountant is that I barely broke even last year - no surprise there; best Scrabble word over the weekend was roulades; I'm starting tomatoes and onions and a few flowers from seed this week, inside, in little biodegradable peat pots, then by May they should be big enough to put out in the garden, which is still covered with a foot of snow at the moment. But spring really is just around the corner. Be back early next week after it's official.

Enjoy your spring break, Sarah! Thanks for the information on Stuart Brent's book, I'm definitely going to look that one up.

Speaking of books he's written, I think I still have the book about Old Toast that he wrote. It is a self-published children's book & is really cool.
Thanks, Kim - glad you're tracking down "The Seven Stairs" - it's a great book by a great bookman! I didn't know he'd written anything else, now I'll have to reciprocate and go book-hunting myself.
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