Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hodge update

Our cat Hodge, adopted earlier this year, has settled in nicely at home and now, one might say, the world revolves around him. Which is as it should be. Exhibit A: he has trained me to move his favorite cat bed (i.e. old padded chair seat cover) across the floor, following the patch of sun as it progresses during the day. He is quite comfortable with this arrangement, as you can see:

Sun on the belly, ah. Although he wakes us up around four a.m. each morning, he is quite ready to go back to sleep right around the time we either head into town to work, or finish breakfast, depending on what day of the week it is. I particularly like this photo - please note the fangs barely showing:

He can sleep like this for most of the day, occasionally opening an eye or two to supervise any projects happening in the same room. Watering the plants, say, or having lunch. Here comes the shade - time to move my cushion over:

I can't believe I'm putting pictures of the cat on my blog. Well, it's been a slow week. I've got nothing else. Besides, just look at him. A dear. I do love him so. Even at four a.m., hard as that might be to believe. (Ok, sometimes I do quietly threaten to return him to the cat store, but only if he scratches me on the top of the head before four a.m., in an attempt to wake me up. Which always works.)

Wow, the cat does have you well trained. Moving the cat's bed to follow the sun - I don't know. If my cat sees this, he'll be wanting the same treatment. Hodge is a lovely looking cat, and your pictures are great.
Yes, Hodgie is a dear and I am afraid we are going to spoil him terribly. When he's not napping, he's careening around the house, sometimes waiting behind doorways to ambush our ankles as we walk in. That, and the four a.m. wake-up calls, and yet we still love him. Thanks for the comment, Pierre.

A great cat photo from an artist whose work I admire and covet:

Look at the post for May 26.
Hi again Sarah. That photo of the cats in the stairs is indeed excellent. His paintings looked great as well, but I am not really into paintings. I am more interested in books (and cats). I don't go out looking for blogs about animals (that would be too much), but I am pleased when writers and booksellers write about their pets.
Pierre, I could write an essay on great bookshop cats I have known - starting with Kaspar, at Lippincott Books just down the street from me. A wonderful black and white shop cat.

I was very interested in books, now I am very interested in painting. An evolution of sorts.
Hi Sarah,
What is Hodge doing today, I am wondering. Bet he is happy to have his mommy back. He is very photogenic.

Congratulations on the fine turnout and beautiful show on campus. So proud and happy for you.
I hear Robert Frost poetry when I look at and think about your work.

Talk with you soon,xox, mil
Thanks so much, mil - for those not in the know, so to speak - I had a wonderful show opening last week. I will update the blog soon with details, promise. Just got dsl at home - *finally* - and am getting ready to begin blogging again. So much going on it will be hard to know where to begin! I'll just jump right in...
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