Thursday, March 05, 2009


Saving daylights

The sun felt warm today. I shoveled the path out to the compost pile again (three feet of drifted snow again) and then sat on the ramp on the south side of our garden shed, and when I closed my eyes it almost felt like spring. I'm ready, I don't know about you. The snow is still very deep in most places but is melting fast.

A bit of news - I have a painting in a large group show that opens tomorrow night in Belfast at Åarhūs Gallery. The show is comprised of works by artists living within a thirty-mile radius of Belfast, and part of the proceeds from sales at the show goes to food pantries within the area. Here's the painting - I made it last August on Mount Desert Island, standing on the ocean ledges near the base of Little Long Pond:

The tide was falling fast and the rocks looked very different by the time I'd finished painting. We had a great day that day - Ryan dropped me off to paint and then went running on the carriage roads nearby. Whenever I'm working in or near Acadia National Park, tourists will ask me where I'm from and I get to say Right here! with a big grin. Maine in the summer is almost as good as Maine in the winter, despite my grumblings about all the snow this year. And here comes daylight savings time, already. The crocuses will be up before we know it.

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