Monday, August 03, 2009


Clearly, I am full of it

After writing that last blog post, feeling quite sorry for myself (My days as a bookseller are all but over... back of the hand to forehead, fade to black...), what do I do next? I get right up the next morning and, in the course of delivering three paintings for a group exhibit, find myself accidentally attending three book sales in quick succession. That may just be a record, for me. One, American Legion sale. Two, Unitarian church sale. Three, local library sale. At the first, books were one dollar per bag. The quality of available books reflected that price, but I managed to fill a bag anyway (Oxford Companion to the Mind, a nice hardcover Miss Read omnibus, a book about altered books, a few decent children's titles). The second sale was the best of the three - just good solid stuff everywhere I looked. I bought two cartons, hardcovers were a dollar and paperbacks fifty cents. Best book - Ryan found it, I must say - a very nice first edition in jacket of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Third sale, I bought two more cartons of books. Then I dropped off my paintings at the exhibit and waltzed off to enjoy the beautiful summer afternoon, feeling like a million bucks. Thus I continue my double life.

Double life,
double meaning I suppose.

Hey, why the "split" line?
It's the same struggle for finding beauty in our everyday precious moments.
Hi Antony - no double meaning, I simply identified myself as a bookseller for so long, it's strange to think of myself as otherwise. Of course we all are large and contain multitudes, as Whitman says. Leaving room for many definitions of self, thank goodness.
Hi Sarah, Just checking your, I love the photos of your new and revised books store, and the paintings are magnificent! Congratulations! The Islesboro painting that I bought is on loan to Mom and she and her guests are enjoying it immensely. Have fun in Machias!

Talk with you soon. xox MIL
Machias was fruitful in more ways than one... thanks for checking in!
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