Friday, September 11, 2009


More island time

This weekend I'm heading to Islesboro to paint for a week, so I'm packing and figuring out what to bring, and wondering how much like fall it will really be (Pants? Sweaters?? Long johns???). Packing the art supplies is always great - seeing blank canvases and panels and wondering what I'm going to fill them with over the course of the week. I've been painting on wooden panels lately and really loving it - here is one from my island trip last week (this is the finished painting that I was just starting in the photos from the post-before-last):

I've added a lot of new work from 2009 to my painting website, both in the oils folder and the available work folder. Many thanks to those who purchased paintings recently - I've been tallying up and realized I've sold 18 so far this year. A successful season, all in all. Now I'm looking forward to a long quiet winter of working at home, reading, painting larger canvases again indoors (most of my summer work is outside, and smallish, meaning under 18" x 24"), half-heartedly selling books online, and continuing to renovate the attic for my painting studio. After one more island week, painting with friends. One of the highlights of my year, and a wonderful way to bookend the summer.

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