Sunday, November 29, 2009


4 years 480 posts and counting

On November 30 in 2005 I began this little book blog. At the time I was ensconced in my bookshop five or six days a week, reading the evenings away, and painting on days off (or before opening or after closing the shop). A full-time bookseller, a part-time painter. I thought things would continue in this manner for several decades, at least. Lo these few years later the bookshop lives only in memory, and I've become a full-time painter, part-time bookseller. But what about the reading? The first winter I wrote here, I was in the middle of the complete Diary of Pepys. And I never finished it. I made it about halfway through before veering off onto other reading pathways. Now, I hate leaving things unfinished. So this winter, starting today, I am going to begin again, and read it all. I'm hoping this public declaration of intent will bolster my resolve. I could read it online, but I do prefer the traditional codex form, as you might have guessed. Time to go dust off my hardcover set.

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