Friday, November 27, 2009


Days of gratitude

Practicing thankfulness and gratitude keeps me focused on the positive, no matter what else is going on in life. We celebrated the holiday at home yesterday by cooking in the morning and decorating our harvest table with a big bouquet of sage, one of the only things still green out in the garden, and a few small pumpkins. Then met up with my parents and aunt and went over to my younger sister's house for a family gathering and some incredibly bountiful good food. (They set up a separate table just for the pies...) We brought two dozen biscuits (Ryan's grandmother's recipe), creamed leeks and pearl onions, a blackberry crisp, and potatoes from the garden, with butter and cream for mashed potatoes. Thirteen people present, many more not present but in my thoughts nonetheless. We drove home after dark through thick fog, with a heaping plate of leftovers and some quiet talk about the strength and meaning of family traditions. Feeling replete today, and grateful. Not planning on going shopping. Everything we need is already here.

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