Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Christmas is my middle name

Really, it is. Sarah Noël, brought home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. Thus an innate tenderness for all things Christmas, both traditional and beyond tradition. Speaking of which, we finally did choose a tree, out in the woods - Ryan found one that looked as if it wouldn't have had much of a chance to grow big, where it was. Now the house is fragrant with balsam. In winter I love the time of early evening, with the warm orangey light inside and the cobalt blue outside, heightened right now because of the snow on the ground. A season of beautiful contrasts. We've wrapped gifts and decorated a bit, with mistletoe hanging in the kitchen - some friends kissed under it today - and peppermint candy canes in a pewter tankard on the dining table, a bouquet of holly and dark red candles, and colored lights on the tree, and favorite ornaments collected over the years, including one golden pear.

Blessings and a Christmas card from me to you:

***Joyeux Noël***

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