Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Getting to know Samuel Pepys

A quick note regarding my progress - I'm 250 pages into Volume I of the Diary and I feel like I'm still just barely getting acquainted with his style, the language of the time, the quickly-changing political situation, the whole milieu. Thus far my favorite passages have been the personal asides he makes from time to time, such as:

"...every day bringing me a fresh sense of the great pleasure of my present life." (p.110)

A person of strong appetite and high ambition - for food, love, money, reputation, books, music, art - just beginning his career, hoping his star is on the ascendant. Very much of the physical world at this time in his life. Yet timeless, and alive. I'm off to continue READING.

I too have lived remembered hours
In Cambridge; heard the summer showers
Make music on old Heffer s pane
While I was reading Pepys or Taine.

C Morl


Have a nice Pepys weekend!
Thank you, Antony - oh, how Morley loved Pepys...
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