Sunday, December 20, 2009


Life, the universe, and everything

Yesterday I turned 42, which as many people who came of age in the 1980s can tell you, is the answer to the ultimate question, so that bodes well for the year ahead... And, despite half my hair turning gray this fall, and a strange new craggy wrinkle appearing in the middle of my otherwise damask cheek, you know, life is really pretty freaking great, and I am only expecting it to get even better.

Ryan and I celebrated by heading south and meeting my parents for lunch (at Sarah's, where else - I can vouch for the chocolate maple cream layer cake), then visiting some parts of Maine we'd never been. I've lived here all my life, but it's a big state and I think I will never be able to take it all in, I love it so much. Seeing new places close to home is one of my very favorite things to do. We drove to Pemaquid Point - I can't believe I'd never been, given the fact that my sister Kate's husband grew up there and his family owns the restaurant and gift shop right next to the lighthouse. The afternoon was freezing and we had the whole place to ourselves - spent some time climbing the rocks and taking photos and watching the sea ducks fishing offshore. The sun was shining but the clouds out to sea made the bay look like beaten pewter, chased around the edges with rose gold. So beautiful.

Happy me on the rocks, bundled up in turtleneck, wool sweater, sweatshirt, and winter coat:

The ledges at Pemaquid are justly famous, with their incredible formation and color and size and everything. As my brother-in-law says, you see them and they bring you to your knees. I took some photos of the patterns and colors therein - they remind me of the striations of petrified trees or ancient woven woolen rugs:

I'd like to make some paintings there when the weather turns warm again. Spring - it seems far off at this moment. Very happy nonetheless. I love this time of year, and I'll take the round of the seasons as they come, any day.

Once again, happy birthday! What a beautiful spot to celebrate. I have sailed past the Pemaquid Point light house--always lovely. I have always found the coast of Maine to be just as beautiful in the winter.
If not even more beautiful - the starkness of winter suits it. And, fewer people are around, which suits me.

Thanks for the birthday wishes - I had a marvelous day.
Happy 42nd! I learned from your "answer" link that 42 is an abundant number, so hope you got an abundant number of gifts (not necessarily of the material variety). I've been to Pemaquid Point and your reference reminded me of a nice picture I have of my wife standing on the rocks probably near where you're standing in the photo. And we were bundled up pretty good for a chilly August day! Thanks for jogging my memory of a beautiful place.
Hey, Chuck - good to hear from you! I'll take an abundant number - though really I do feel as if my cup runneth over... I hope you make it back to Maine someday - I too have worn wool sweaters here in August. And I'm sure I will again. It's that kind of place.
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