Friday, January 08, 2010


Anatomy of a painting 6

But before I quit for the day, I get paint all over the rest of the canvas. A base gray into the clouds, kind of a purply-gray, and also into the water. A bit of the gray gesso shows through and I like it, another warm gray to add to the depth of the clouds. But then I start to worry that the clouds are anthropomorphic something-or-others. Not what I want.

I'm making this painting indoors, from a series of photographs I took in September when I was there. So some things in this painting are fixed and static, and I know how I want them to appear (and I remember very well how I felt when I was there in person, and I want that feeling in the painting). But, I can still go outside and look at the clouds, any time. So I did that before it got dark. Real clouds are a lot softer then these painted ones. More varied, more infinite. It's tough, this painting thing...

Then I had tea and blueberry muffins with Suzanne, along with some good conversation. Books did come up, from time to time.

When Ryan came home from work I said, "Close your eyes..." and I showed him the work-in-progress.

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