Friday, January 08, 2010


Anatomy of a painting

Today's posts should be read in numerical order. I realized after I posted them all that the last comes first. Etc. Etc. Sigh. So please scroll down. Thanks.

Hi Sarah--It's a beautiful thing. I love how the composition enhances the vertical canvas. It's lovely. The clouds are beautiful! And when they are big
like that, they do yell, "Notice me!" when you see them in person. A water wary person would certainly be
attending to the clouds. Your step-by-step documenting was a fun to see and study.
Congratulations! Love, MIL
Oh and MANY congratulations on your megaleap of being able to insert some of your own interpretations to the scene. Yay!!!!!!
That was just how it was, when I was there - I looked at the clouds and stripey water and said WOW and ran for the camera. I did some small paintings on site there, too, but looking in the other direction, toward the mainland.

Yes, it was liberating to know that I can change whatever I need to change, or rather whatever the painting needs me to change.

Thanks for checking in... xxoo...
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