Thursday, January 14, 2010


Lost in the stacks

A very short post today, since the last was overly long.

One of the art blogs I keep a weather eye on is Sharon Butler's Two Coats of Paint. She recently posted a few images by painter Xiaoze Xie. I'd like to see these in person. Reviwer Kenneth Baker writes, "We might take the claustrophobic atmosphere of Xie's pictures as elegiac, a silent lament for the passing of the non e-book." Or we might not. (That phrase, "the non e-book" - ugh and double ugh.) The review continues, though, "Or we might see him forming an equation between paintings and books as treasuries of silent meaning." (Full review here.) Now that's more like it.

My last entry was blog post number five hundred. Still here. Thanks for reading.

Congratulations on the 500th. I just hit 100 and it was slow getting there. Don't think I'll see 500. I agree with your ughs on the clunky wording, "the non e-book." I know nothing about painting, or interpreting this still life, but I enjoyed your posts on the creative process, or evolution, of a painting. Very interesting.
Ditto Chuck's sentiments on your 500th.

Steve (in Charlottesville)
just one of your legions of silent
Chuck, I think that review was a little heavy on the "mights" - the painter might mean this, might mean that. Did anyone simply ask the painter, I wonder?

I really like the paintings. Quiet but meaningful, I'd say. I made a few more of my own, this week.

Hi Steve - my LSLs? My legions of the few? Thanks for lurking. I lurk, too. I lurk lots.

Yeah, 500 posts. I thought I'd stop years ago - I tried to - but I found I missed it.
I don't like flying, but when I read the phrase "non e-book," I wished to be on a plane as I suddenly needed to lunge for the barf bag in the seat-pocket in front of me. Yuk. --Tom B.
Yes, Tom - wouldn't "the non e-book" ummmm, like, you know, simply be *a book*? (E.B. White turns in his grave...)
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