Friday, February 12, 2010


A quiet day with no plans of any kind

Finest kind of day, in my book. For I've had a busy two weeks - what with the painting exhibit, a house guest and visits with my family, a few short trips hither and yon - and this blog has suffered accordingly. I haven't even written in my journal for a week. So, the news in a nutshell: I'm working on some big paintings, to my great happiness; I've been floundering around in completely unfocused pleasure reading since completing Pepys's Diary; I pried myself out of my shell and attended my own exhibit opening, which was a moderate success and a lot of fun to boot; I visited Stone Soup in Camden and bought some books I really love; I found a good wool sweater and more books I love at the Rockland Goodwill; I've been out walking a lot because there is almost no snow here in Maine and the temps have been in the 30s; I made a truly dreadful pea soup, which should have been delicious but was somehow emphatically not (hello, compost pile); I am craving spring in the worst way. What else. Oh, the accountant is checking our taxes - between books and paintings, it seems I made money last year. Imagine that. I think that about covers it.

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