Friday, March 19, 2010


Another Friday night

And here I sit picking price stickers off the heap of books I bought at Goodwill today. The stickers are the kind that come apart as soon as you pull up one little corner. So you have to pick off ten little sticker bits instead of one big sticker. Almost all the books at this particular Goodwill are 99 cents each, and if I ruled the world they would not have stickers on them at all, there would simply be a sign stating that all the books are 99 cents each, thereby saving sticker-picking customers all kinds of irritation. Not to mention the time it takes to put price stickers on them all in the first place. Like I said, if I ruled the world. Unfortunately I don't, so here I sit pick pick pick.

The books are worth it, though: Don Marquis, Edward O. Wilson, Bashō, Julian Barnes, Marilynne Robinson, a history of avant-garde art, a coffee table book about diner cars, et al. And I do love sprucing up books for new ownership, or for inclusion in my own collection. De-stickered, dusted and wiped down, renewed - welcome home, books. You will be loved.

You need a bottle of "goo gone"! It's changed my life. My book life, anyway.

Hi Ben! Yes, I have a bottle myself. To use to remove any sticky leftover ugh after peeling the sticker itself away. I am careful handling it, though, because I wonder what it's doing to my fingertips.
I use it now to rub away the gummiest stickers, usually with a moistened paper towel. But maybe I should start wearing rubber gloves too!
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