Thursday, October 14, 2010


State of the art

I dreamed this week that I had great big blisters on the sides of my fingers from painting too much. I don't think it's possible to form calluses from holding paint brushes, but you never know. I've been outside painting painting painting during this glorious stretch of fall weather here in Maine and now I'm feeling tired and looking forward to some quiet studio time as the cold really settles in. Some recent good news on the art front: I've had a painting accepted into a juried show at the Portland Museum of Art. Feeling really good about that, but not letting it distract me (much) as I keep working on the new stuff at hand. Good news is always welcome. Particularly since I recently realized that this past season I had work in twice as many places as last year, but sold half as many paintings as last year. If I hear the phrase "In this economy..." one more time... Luckily the book biz continues to provide me with some income. "In this economy" (Doh!) people seem to be buying used books more than ever.

Congrats Sarah; that is great news!
Thanks, Maura! Sure was a nice letter to get in the mail...
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