Saturday, February 26, 2011


The bad old days

Whenever I wax nostalgic for my bookshop - which happens now and then - I stumble across something like this and am reminded of the seedy side of shopkeeping. I remain nostalgic (O how I loved my shop!), but I do not miss, not in the slightest, the folks described in the article, and I had them all. Except the sleeper, I don't recall anyone ever falling asleep. I could add a few more types - the man who always smelled strongly of pot and patchouli, the woman who manifested what I came to regard as a talking disorder and would rant interminably about the oddest subjects, the wealthy couple who always talked me down on my prices and left me feeling like I'd been had. At least I can say that they all bought books, repeatedly, bless them. The wonderful things about the shop far outweighed the bad, but the bad sure do stick in my memory, like pesky little burrs. It's good to be free.

(Hat tip to Joyce for the link.)

Oh yes - I too remember these days well - In fact, some days I could not handle it and my wonderful husband worked there for me. I miss the good customers and the activity, I don't miss the problem people at all.
Kathleen, when someone particularly creepy was in the shop I would say I had an appointment elsewhere and had to close. I did this just two or three times in seven years, not bad. And once I emailed my neighbor to have him come over, so I wouldn't be in the shop alone with a truly frightening individual. What fun. (Not.)
I remember your little store in Bangor and can understand why you miss it. I love being surrounded by neat shelves of books-but for now my tiny virtual store serves my purposes. The journey continues...
Hi Philo, thanks for your comment! Having a micro-book-business works for me too, at this point in life. No overhead, lots of time to pursue my other interests. But I will never forget that wonderful feeling I had, when I was out somewhere and someone would ask me what I did for work and I got to reply, "I have a bookshop!" with great glee. I dreamed for years of being able to say that.
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