Thursday, March 10, 2011


Makeover season?

For a while now I've been thinking of giving the old blog a new look. And I have to say I've decided against it, other than making a few changes to the text here and there. So many blogs I read lately have so much going on in their margins - tons of pictures, lists of followers, blog rolls with links aplenty, clouds of words - jittery bits of information that seem to light up my latent OCD like so many flickering fluorescent bulbs. Which I find difficult to read by, by the way. So no, I will not upgrade this ancient template. I will keep it spare and simple and hope that plain old words, and a picture once in a while, will satisfy - who? Well, myself, and a few readers from time to time. I do not need to feel any more socially networked (what a term, I am certain William Strunk would shudder) than I currently am. Meanwhile, I just got a haircut and am assiduously practicing yoga and getting around a bit after being housebound for much of this long winter. Generally feeling good and dusting myself off in anticipation of spring. I guess I was the one who needed a makeover.

I like the simple easy to read blogs. I found you through a link on the blog of Paul Gervais in Lucca, Italy. I went to school in Maine with his partner, Gil, so Maine is a special place for me. I am new to blogging and have started my own blog. If you are interested it is:
Hi, thanks for your comment - I took a look at your blog and I can identify with your predicament. If you do sell your house and are looking to relocate, you will find neighbors here in Maine who are living similarly! Most of us, in fact. Best of luck...
p.s. I'm sorry I've had turn on comment moderation - over the last few days I experienced a rash of weird spam. I'll turn off the comment moderation again when they cease.
Dear Sarah,
You are absolutely correct about keeping things simple and uncluttered on your blog.
Lew Jaffe
Thank you, Lew! Good to know we agree on this. In the books I read I love wide margins and good use of white space, so why not here as well.

I still love your blog, by the way (it feels a bit like home because we use the same template, too).
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