Monday, May 09, 2011


Art news

A quick post this morning - I had a great time last Friday night at an opening for a group show. This terrific place will be showing my paintings this summer: Landing Gallery in Rockland. Before the opening got busy my sister took a photo of me and my stuff (four paintings already sold!). Here I am, looking forward to a busy season of exhibiting and, oh yeah, painting:

Am finishing up with Jim Harrison's book of nonfiction Just Before Dark (mentioned a few posts back; temporarily abandoned to read Chatwin and Leigh Fermor), and this bit seems to fit the moment, referring as it does to the peculiar joy of creative work (p. 219):

"To wait all day upon it then, very late, to have a door open for you that you did not think existed: all fears gone, sweetness, nonchalance..."

Wonderful meeting you Sarah!
Your work is fantastic, hope to see you again at another show.
Hey, thanks Diana! I enjoyed looking around your website and blog just now. So glad to see you at the opening, it sure was a lot of fun!
Sarah - 4 paintings sold at this time and probably several more by now. You must be very pleased - congratulations. Kathleen
Hi Kathleen - yes, pleased beyond words. A little encouragement sure goes a long way...
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