Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Nothing but good news

This exquisitely summery weather has finally driven my cold away and I am preparing to go island-hopping once again. Penobscot Bay here in Maine is one of my very favorite places in all the world and I seem to have spent much of the last few years painting its islands and edges from various locations all around the bay. Last month I was out in the middle of it, looking at views such as this - a painting from my trip, the view toward Sloop Island and Isle au Haut:

And this coming week will find me along one side of the bay, participating in a group art exhibit at the Islesboro Historical Society. I hope to have some painting time on the island as well as several days of gallery-sitting with some of the other painters in the show (we are planning many games of Scrabble, needless to say). I have paintings in several locations around Maine right now, and am happy to report they are actually selling, imagine such a thing.

At the moment I am packing and looking askance at the ever-growing pile of stuff I must somehow fit into our car tomorrow morning. My, it's a lot. Paintings, packing materials, luggage, food, art supplies, easels, tools, a few books even. I idly wonder if packing the car will require a greater grasp of physics than that which I currently possess... tomorrow will tell. Be back in a week or so - wishing everyone some wonderful summer days involving lots of beach reading.

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