Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

It’s been so long since we last spoke I find myself unsure of what to say.  So, merely a brief note with the news from here:  the weather is fair and the garden is full, as are my bookshelves and painting studio.  I am working on a new writing project and a series of paintings, both of which cause despair and elation in roughly equal measure, depending on the current state of that old internal barometer, the soul.

Many things I would like to mention in passing and some even discuss in depth, but summer is fleeting, and I am therefore going to do what I hope you are doing too – gathering berries while the sun shines.  Here is a tiny basket perfectly fit for just such a task:

I will return in the fall, with tales of trips, and long reports entitled What I Read on My Summer Vacation.  Until then, fair winds and following seas.  Hmmm.  I wonder if I can fit any more clichés into this post...?

To borrow the title of your previous post: AT LASΤ!
"some even discuss in depth", amen.
Glad to see your keyboard singing again Sarah
Glad you are still checking in here! I had my doubts... so, thank you!

Apropos of nothing I must say again I am having such trouble figuring out the new Blogger interface. Fonts change, font sizes changes, and I can't figure out how to correct them so everything in the post matches. So distressing to the side of me that loves order and continuity. I think the browser I use and Blogger have some compatibility issues. Sigh.
Sarah - have a really excellent rest of the summer. Good to hear from you again. Kathleen
Kathleen, the same to you! Thanks!
My best wishes for the rest of summer as well.
Thank you Dan, I hope your summer reading plans are flourishing!
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