Tuesday, December 17, 2013


when one favorite author mentions another

A warm glow of approval for both ensues.  I am recklessly diverging from the bedside table books and reading Ronald Blythe again instead, and of course he mentions everyone worth mentioning.  Last year at this time I read his good opinion of Lord Byron's journals, after reading Byron's good opinion of Samuel Johnson, and now I read that Blythe also has a good opinion of Samuel Johnson, in fact Johnson was his boyhood hero.  It's all here in this site devoted to making Blythe's gloriously discursive Church Times column, Word from Wormingford, more widely available.  I love this site (and may have mentioned it before), but I always feel a little guilty reading it, knowing that the Church Times is available by subscription only.  Well, what's the holiday season, after all, without a little side of guilt.  I toss up a brief apology to the literary angels, should there be any, and read on.   

Hi Sarah, thanks to your comments about Trollope, I'm trying him again. This time I'm looking at his autobiography. He says (sadly) that he is now too heavy to go hunting (e.g. ride horses over jumps throughout the English countryside), but that he still has several horses on hand. Interesting fella and he's so proud of his service in the post office. Bravo!
Wonderful, Kim! I have a copy but haven't read it yet. Something to look forward to...
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