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On my mind this New Year's Day, the inimitable Samuel Clemens.  I just finished reading the Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 1 (p.355):

"In my early manhood, and in middle-life, I used to vex myself with reforms, every now and then.  And I never had occasion to regret these divergencies, for whether the resulting deprivations were long or short, the rewarding pleasure which I got out of the vice when I returned to it, always paid me for all that it cost."

So much for resolutions!  Make them, and break them, lovingly.

I love it.

Happy New Year!
A Joyful 2014 -from a village internet cafe!
Happy New Year Sarah! I have come to this very same conclusion.

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Thanks friends! Between shoveling snow and filling the woodbox and dealing with furnace repairs, I just finished reading the "Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 2" and needless to say it is endlessly quotable. Book report soon. Happy 2014!
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