Sunday, June 01, 2014


anxiety dreams

You know the ones, when something of import looms on the horizon and is never far from mind.   Then whatever that thing is works its way into your dreams in the form of stress or anxiousness.  Waking becomes a pleasure, when you realize that what you were dreaming about was just... a dream.  I say all this because I do have several items on my personal horizon.  One I will mention, since I just wrote about it on my painting website, and besides, it's positive and big and I want to shout about it, I'm so excited - I'm having a one-person show at Landing Gallery in Rockland, Maine, and the opening is this Friday evening.  Details are here, as are images of all the paintings in the show, for friends and other interested parties from afar who can't see the show in person.  The dreams I'm having about the opening are similar to the ones I used to have when I still had my little bookshop - funny dreams, half-anxious and half-hopeful - I would go in to the shop, say, and find entire sections of my inventory were sold out.  Gone, just one or two books left here and there on the shelves, everything else bought and carried away in my absence.  Or the converse - I'd set up at a book fair and sell nothing, nothing, not a book. Of course neither of these scenarios ever actually happened in real life.  Sales at my shop were like the tortoise, slow and steady, and I always did well at book fairs. My recent painting show dreams run along the same lines.  Feast or famine, the extremes.  I'm looking forward to the opening later this week, and I'm also looking forward to the time immediately after, when real life and dreams both settle back down to quiet normality - that place where I usually live - the middle way, the slow and steady.

I haven't been reading much lately (gasp!), because the weather's been too good, and I've been out painting a lot, and gardening, and taking long walks with Ryan during the evenings now that the daylight lasts so much longer.  I do have a great stack of new-to-me books waiting patiently, however, and more are on approach, since the annual village book sale is next weekend (can't wait!), so I'm sure we'll talk again soon about all of that.  Until then, sweet dreams...  

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