Sunday, August 17, 2014


idle thoughts

A quiet Sunday at home.  I'm considering rearranging the book room.  After reading so many published diaries and journals over the past several years I thought it would be fitting to shelve them together, in a new space, chronologically.  No matter what their nominal subject matter, i.e. "art" or "history" etc.  But the must-stay-organized gene runs strong in my family, and I'm not sure that I can override an innate tendency I have to keep authors' works shelved together, rather than wildly shelving their books in multiple places - in the very same room, even, what chaos! - so at the moment this idea remains just an idle thought.  Pleasant to contemplate, while the books remain exactly as they are.

In other news, I have managed to break with tradition in a different way - by adding two new links to the sidebar.  So many blogs I loved to read have gone silent in the past year (I could write a book entitled You Once Blogged and Now You Only Tweet: An Internet Saga), and sometimes I find myself sitting here at the screen in search of something new to read.  And rather at a loss.  If I am in such a trance that I can't remember to turn off the computer and pick up a book, I hope to at least remember to read the TLS and Guardian blogs, for current book news.  I also check the new links at PhiloBiblos, and look at Thomas's sidebar.  Anyone reading any terrific book blogs I should know about?  Please drop me a note, if so.  As always, just looking for something good to read.

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