Tuesday, February 24, 2015


(obligatory snow photographs)

Record-breaking snowfall!  And I can't even... I'm all out of... I've got no...  I don't even know what to...

Snap out of it, that's what - this is Maine, in the thick of winter, we know what to do!  The backyard isn't quite as deep as the front yard.  Ryan dug this path to the shed.  Next year's woodpile is curing under the drift to my right.  No, I have not gained weight this winter, but thanks so much for asking - I'm wearing a sweater, insulated vest, two jackets, etc. and I'm warm as toast.

Want some snow, wherever you are?  We have plenty to spare - here you go!

Weather, it's all anyone can talk about here, if we can find the words!  It was twenty below zero last night and another 6-12" of the white stuff is on the way tonight and tomorrow.  I wonder if I'll be able to find the mailbox again.  It may be lost to us until a thaw comes.  (If a thaw comes.)  In non-weather news, I have made no headway whatsoever in the History of Herodotus, and am lost in Rose Macaulay's Pleasure of Ruins instead.  More on that when basic survival isn't my primary concern.

I am thinking of you in this amazing winter - even here in our South Carolina home for the few months we are here, we have had SNOW and lots of ice. Of course, in the mountains here, the main worry is ice as it takes the power lines down and people cannot send warnings. No internet in these hinterlands yet. Anyway,your world is beautiful as are you - in spite of all you are wearing, you look thin and fit. And, I might add, as you are wondering into the woods, I can even hear your birds all the way down here! Be well and happy.
Susie, your notes here and your card too are so truly thoughtful and kind, thank you! Chickadees are in the woods, talkative crows, some nervous doves. I think it will be a while until we see robins, or geese overhead, or songbirds. Maine just broke the record for our coldest February ever, something like an average temp of 6.2 degrees? But the sun is higher in the sky and feels warmer, and I am preparing panels and canvases in the hope that some warm spells will allow me to paint outside sometime this month, or at least from the front seat of the car. Stay warm, where you are. Best wishes from here.
It has been quite the winter, hasn't it? Down Boston way, we haven't had your consistently cold temperatures, but have had a ridiculous amount of snow.

Hang in there, spring is coming.

For my spring break, I've left tropical Massachusetts and driven to New Hampshire. Go figure.

Dan, I know, what a time. I have to shovel again this morning - a few inches fell overnight (in fact it's still falling but is supposed to stop soon). Weather! It just keeps on happening! Hope you enjoy your time in balmy New Hampshire.
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